Pink impulse

The powers of the earth’s gravity, the geologic area that we are on have a definitive meaning for the constructing of the psychology of the creation. Those powers influence the health, the behavior, the growth and the development of the animal and vegetation world. The underground waters change the world’s magnetic fields and coloring our sensitivity. We register just one little piece of the radiation, coming from the core of our planet. Very big part of them stays undiscovered for our sensors. Pink Impulse’s mission is to articulate the geo-system to language that the alphabet of the painting uses. Fantastic subjectivity has to be compared to the evolution of the earth’s objective stratosphere.

Over the bright colored vinyl plates every visitor can draw something personal only by touching it. After that when the plate is raised up to be separated from the production the image disappears. In this way we become a part of the process of creating an individual or collective image. The created before us is influenced by the same earth energies which everybody is obedient to and every next participant in the process of painting accepts the registered energy from our personal creation. There is a continuity and endless connection: process-nature-spectator-creator.
120/210 см canvas/acrylic/vinyl

Planetary evolution

The planet earth produces water. It is generated in the earth’s womb and comes slowly on the surface. Millions of litters H2O are created every year. This process has given conditions not only for the evolution of the organism’s world but for the earth’s life in the geologic aspect. The circular motion in the nature is fed always by this laboratory for producing the valuable liquid. The geo-tectonic processes are in direct dependence by the water. Several earth stratums are marked in the monumental painting composition. The included aqua is marked with blue color. Consequently of the elision, it gradually migrates to upper feeding areas for new processes in planetary aquatories.
230/100 cm canvas/acrylic/vinyl net/metal net

Geo Pulse Paintings


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