About the Art

Author: Ionko Stoyanov

Contemporary role of painting in the art is to indicate things that cannot be registered as a vision in another way. For example, photography can successfully document what our senses perceive as images. The artist in the social aspect can find a niche in the temple of history not only as an illustrator of the invisible, but to understand the unseen as a visionary in the philosophical sense of the word.

Cognitive – educational value of art museum art can demonstrate concepts of innovation, unattainable by other human activities, because of the liberal nature of the artistic discipline that artist does. There is no other work, similar to the work, which suggests humanity its future development and understanding of this material and spiritual nature of things. That is why sometimes, when intertwined with motifs from science and intuitive, sensibility in the work can be found elements worthy to determine this type of art such as completive activity. But this superficial treatment of creativity is only cursory interpretation of the problem. The truth is that is emerging a much more deep and meaningful enhanced visual interpretation of reality that surrounds us. Conscious themes of the art there appear to be essential. But not only is important for the visual work. To have significant impact on the viewer, is also important the technique of execution. Nowadays we can serve different means of expression.
One of the latest novelties in this area is the digital treatment of the image. This instrument is used in the studios not only as a tool for formal modification and polishing of the form. This comparatively new method is used more often also for shaping of the initial idea and raw material for tilling accumulating, aiming at to become further a qualitatively new idea for the future work of art after informative – selective quantitative accumulation of steps in the creative activity. Quite often the idea is already a work of art without necessity it to be materialized in order to be accepted as a piece of art. This is the nature of conceptual art.
This aspect of substance’s nature is examined by quantum physics. Up to now science cannot entirely explain the phenomenon of feelings, provoked by our perceptions. We wish each other nicely watching without trying to think. Such is of course only formal examination. But it is necessary it to include also other layers of work of art reflection. Often, when the audience is touched by the work of art at quantum base, it can reproduce feelings, that generate thoughts with reverse links. In other words a domino effect is obtained in the process of work of art’s perception.
As many as elements take part in the structured effect of the artistic work as stronger is the influence. It is got when the light impulses is decoded as feeling or thought that is valid for many individual perceptions. Then the catharsis of the work is achieved and its perception additionally adds new elements for domino effect. The parallel combination of idea in a material environment leads to the enforced influence of art. There are at least two types radiation of the work. One of them is direct; it is achieved by produced by the source of light rays. Such an example could be the computer screen or the neon sculpture, laser installation, infrared radiation of objects, etc.
The other one is indirect and it is achieved by using reflected rays from natural source like solar or moonlight, solar eclipse. A third one is an artificial source like electric lighting, the supersonic one or the X-ray one. It could be accepted in this chain of ideas also another, mixed type such as hydro – geo – location one, described more detailed in the conception of the work Geo Pulse. This type of creation and perception combines earth radiation, that come from the centre of Earth and are intercepted by the stream of lines of force of energies that resulting from the underground waters movement.
These deflected from the origin rays, combined with cosmic radiation, generate a new field of perception in which direct and indirect rays influenced are combined and plus inner biologic level of personally generated energies offers a variety characterized with by a common perception area, that is valid for the work. Each one of these components of the luminous background, on which the artistic product and its variability are presented manipulate the influence of the work. Theoretically it is almost impossible once more or one and the same impact of the work. That’s why artists can always find a place for their creative work. It is always exceptional and unique phenomenon of human activity. So the artistic world should be relieved concerning the theme of plagiarism and originality. Each type of art is quite individual occupation.
That’s why, even in collective work, the enormous role of the personality in achieving the goal for stronger effect and originality depending on the number of the participants is underlined and this fact corresponds to the multilayer character of contemporary art.